How long is the party?

Approximately 90 minutes. Guests are encouraged to arrive at least fifteen minutes prior to show time.

What time(s) are the performances?

For now, we are currently offering one party performance on Saturdays at 10:00am. In the future we may add an additional performance at 1:00pm.

What age(s) is the show geared to?

Having appeared at over 600 birthday parties between them over the last twenty-five years, our performers have great experience working with children of all ages. Younger children will be amused by the physical comedy and interactive elements of the show, while older children will be astounded by the strong magic. Suggested age range would be 4- to 11-year-olds, but older children are welcome.

How does the party work?

Parties run approximately ninety minutes. Performances run 45- to 60-minutes in length with maximum audience size of 60-80 kids (four parties). The Magic Manor experience begins with a meet & greet, followed by a performance featuring the birthday children. After the performance, groups break up for cupcakes, gifts and photographs with the performers.

Can you give me more details about the party?

Sure! As parties arrive, they gather in the lobby of Hatbox Theatre where they are greeted by a member of our staff. Here our staff member creates a custom balloon crown for the birthday child and engages the party “setting the scene”. Once the entire party is assembled, they are directed to enter the theater proper where they are seated for the performance (which lasts between 45- and 60-minutes). During the show, birthday children are featured in spotlight performances. At the conclusion of the party, the performers lead the entire group in song celebrating the occasion. After the song, the parties separate to specific areas for refreshments. After the refreshments, the performers lead the groups in a musical gift game which concludes the experience. As guests leave, the performers will be available for photographs and autographs with the children (and the adults if so inclined).

How many groups will you have at each performance?

Currently we are allowing up to three groups (up to 60 children total). When group size is extended, we will adjust the overall group size down accordingly. Following the performance, each group will have a separate space in the theater for refreshments and the gift game.

What sort of staff do you have?

In addition to the performer(s), we will also have hosts who are assigned to each party for the duration of the event.

How many people can I bring?

The party package includes up to 15 children and 5 adults. In our experience, children have more successful parties with a manageable group size. If you would like to have additional children guests, an additional fee of $15 per child will be assessed, and this arrangement must be made prior to the date of performance.

Do you charge for parents?

There is no charge for additional parents, but due to space restrictions we ask that you check before the show to determine whether there will be space for the additional adult guests.

Can I bring a birthday cake?

Steeplegate Mall management has given us permission to provide cupcakes but specifically requested that we not allow food to be brought in. We provide two types of cupcakes: white or chocolate cake with white frosting and sprinkles.

What drinks are provided?

Water, fruit punch and cranberry juice are provided.

What is inside the Goody Bags?

Please see the Goody Bag page.

What do we have to do to book the show?

Proceed to our Booking page for more information.

How early do we have to reserve a spot?

The earlier, the better. Due to our limited space, reservations fill up quickly. The earlier you book, the more likely you will get a spot on your preferred date.

What types of payment do you accept?

Checks, Visa & Mastercard (by phone), Cash.

What do you mean by “Birthday child’s name up in lights”?

The performance takes place at the Hatbox Theatre space. Birthday children will see their name in the marquee window when they arrive and it will remain there for the duration of the party.

How do I get the invitations?

Customizable, printable invitations to send to all your guests are available in PDF format on the Invitations Page. Simply type in the children’s names, print, cut and mail.

What do I have to do?

Show up and enjoy the party!

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